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Backups Upgraded!

At any times, there is no compromising at Backups. Backups are the only source for your data recovery in case of any mishappening. At iTech, we strongly advise our customers to take regular backups of not only software, but their other important files as well. Alhamdulillah we have added more in our backup options for our clients. Below are the backup options available:

  1. One Click Backup
    Allows you to quickly take database backup to default backups folder in your software.
  2. Backup to 2nd Location
    Allows you to backup all your data to alternate location (such as USB, Other HDD, Network) from software.
  3. Automated Backups
    You can also setup Automated Backups scheduled, giving you peace of mind even if operator is not take backups regularly.
  4. Cloud Backups
    Provides you with option to upload backups to cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.
  5. Full Backup (New)
    This new option not only allows you to take database backup + now you can also backup software executes to zip file to your selected destination. This process securely select your files as to avoid any non secure file infected by viruses etc…
  6. Recovery Backup (New)
    Lastly, this new option allows you to even take backup if your software is malfunctioning or your O.S. (windows) is corrupted due to virus or malware attack and you are not able to run the software.

So make sure you are having full backup options running to save yourself from unseen software failure. For any sort of details and assistance please feel free to contact us at +92-41-8546000 / +92-41-5383600 or visit for more contact choices.